No one asks of us that we create. It is innate to us. As the flame awaits within the match, creation awaits in our mindsouls. And if the purpose of a match is to be lit, so is yours. The only thing that differentiates you from the match is the kind of fire you create. But as the match can create bonfires. The human mind can spread too. It can light revolutions, spark inventions, summon universes.And in this precise instant. We all become drops in the same ocean. If you are like us, you'd like to set sail in it. Explore it all. And if behind every skull there is a different garden, who would we be to refrain one's flowers to bloom? Most of us fail to understand how much it takes to create a spark. Though it's no flame. No bonfire. No supernova. Not yet, anyway. We will be the ones to fill in the blank.